WoWonder Android Messenger Script Source Code

  WoWonder Android Messenger Script Source Code is an Android chat app for the WoWonder PHP Social Network, with WoWonder Android Messenger users, they can chat together on their cell phones with our new app, chatting is now faster, easier and more fun! WoWonder Mobile is easy, secure and will be updated regularly. WoWonder Android Messenger Script Source Code Features: ِ Audio/ Video call. Send, receive messages. Full Group chat system Find nearby users using GPS Registration pages and steps. Share & upload images, Sound Recourd. Offline access to all messages and recent conversions. Update chat status. Explore New user’s & Friends . Control Your Privacy. Control Your Settings. Change Profile information. Explore user’s profiles and status. ِ30+ new features. DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE HERE undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undef

Master Study App Source Code

Master Study  App  Source Code 

The Master Study Mobile App is a great earning app designed to meet the needs of digital education.
The application is compatible with Android and iOS systems.

  With the Master Study Mobile Learning app, students can take courses and lessons right from a smartphone without having to lecture.

   Whether they have an Android device or an iPhone, the app fits well on screens today, so it is expected that students can still easily access any type of content and have a high quality user experience What the

Features of the Master Study Mobile App:

  √ The Learning app fully integrates with your LMS website and delivers seamless content posted on your platform.

 Course taking: Students can take any course and lesson without having to interrupt and enjoy a cohesive course of content.

Different Types of Tutorials ـ The app can easily display any type of lesson, whether it be text, video, live stream, or slides. Users can play all video and audio content directly in the application without the need to use other programs.

√ Questions and Tests ڏ Adjust the types of questions and assignments for questions, exercises that students can pass on the trip.

√ User Friendly Interface - The learning app aims to provide the best user experience. Simple and intuitive interface makes application easy to navigate, easy access to every element.

√ Multiple home page layouts - Depending on the nature of your application, choose what type of home page layout you want to configure. Select a clear list of courses or show a variety of popular and special courses.

√ Account pages: After registration, students will access their personal account pages where they can find everything related to their performance on the app.

√ Course List Page: Students can apply filters and search for courses for which they want to get better results.

√ Personalization - Your training app can be easily configured to reflect your brand identity. You can change the color of your app, fonts and your brand with simple customization tools to get the perfect look.

Android Pay and Subscription - Enable online payment, purchase and create a membership plan, students can access the app directly.

√ Accessibility: The software is optimized for devices based on iOS and Android systems, including different smartphones for a different user experience.

√ We're experiencing a lot more tickets than ever, so our wait times are longer than expected. We are working hard to help you quickly and we really appreciate your patience.

 Progress Tracking - Mobile Training Apps can help students keep up to date with automatic updates and assignments and resources to check on their own development.

 Increased motivation: The younger generation is more likely to use their favorite iPhones and other mobile devices, as it makes learning more interactive and engaging.

 Session Control ـ Students have more control over the learning sessions, especially if they can access the course at any time and check for updates.

Flexibility - With the e-learning application, users gain the flexibility by eliminating the need for learning activities to be performed at specific time. When they want access to the content, people review the content more fun.

Please download below and contact us or leave a comment if you have any questions.

Download Andriod Source Code 👇 

Download IOS Source Code 👇 


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