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10 Basic Steps to help you get smart about your money

 Take the First Step

Use these 10 Basic Steps to help you get smart about your money.

a scale balancing heart and brain

Before you create a budget or make spending cuts, take the LifeValues quiz to determine what you value most.

forms list on a clipboard

Tips to manage your financial documents — and your time.

bag of money surrounded by various items in which money can be spent

Keep track of your expenses and find your spending leaks.

shopping cart

Make smarter spending decisions to "find" money without actually making more.

a wallet surrounded by cash, coins and credit cards

Identify your debt and use these tips to pay it off.

a credit score showing on a scale of high to low

Maintain a strong credit report to accomplish your financial goals.

a piggy bank with a coin going into it

Pay yourself first to save money and start a strong retirement income planning program.

the word goal inside a cloud

Track your goals and celebrate milestones to reach your financial dreams faster.

a game plan on a clipboard

Use a spending plan to ensure your daily spending habits don't overwhelm your goals.

a money plant growing from the ground

Watch your money grow as you invest to reach longer-term objectives.

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