Health And Environmental Benefits Of Charcoal

In this article, some out of the numerous benefits and uses of charcoal are discussed. I believe you may be wondering about what use ordinary charcoal could be other than being used in the coal pot or in generating heat for birds as in the case with poultry farmers.

Just relax, grab a glass of water or coffee, read slowly and get the whole gist.  Let's go!

Charcoal, in spite of its numerous benefit to human and the physical environment is one of undermined products in our various homes. As often, we only see the need for the use of charcoal when it is time to iron our cloths using the local coal iron, when it is time to set fire for the birds to generate heat for the bird (poultry farmers will understand this part better) or when it is time to set fire in the coal pot.

However, when one really needs first aid as a result of a cut of when anything that leads to bleeding happens, then charcoal is the first thing to fall back on. Some might not know this but it is one of the best local and always available medicinal products one can ever have at home, although some people see it as difficult extract.

I hope by now you are ready and eagerly reading and waiting to hear the points. Worry no more, the complete package is here. In case you are one of those who never gave much attention to charcoal and its uses, this is the time to do that. Here are eight (8) benefits of charcoal you never thought of which you need to know:

Charcoal Prevents Odour (scares away bad smell)

Are you surprised to hear this? You need not be. It is fact and I believe my explanations will convince you to give it a try and lastly believe and testify. 

Read me well; in case your shoe smell bad, maybe you wore it for a long period of time or you wore it without socks and you are irritated by that and mad at yourself. Relax, Just get some lumps of charcoal and put them right inside the shoes. 

Oh! Do you know any one whose room smells bad? Just tell the person to drop some lumps of charcoal anywhere suspected to be the source of the smell. Someone's fridge refrigerator or freezer smells, charcoal will solve the problem Put a piece of charcoal in the  affected appliance (s). 

Assuming you have strong body odour or even lite one. Do well to make powder out of charcoal and rub all around your body maybe when you are resting at night before you fresh up and go to bed.

Charcoal is very good at getting removing unpleasant or bad smell. Ever paused to ask questions why your parents and elderly ones always scooped out the ash from the coal pot to pour in the hen coop or toilet before sweeping? That was to get rid of the bad smell that come from therein.

Charcoal Keeps Food Fresh.

If your vegetables are to be fresh all the time for a longer period, yes all you need to do is just make a solution out of charcoal and leave your vegetables in them. You will testify to the goodness and benefit of charcoal to the longtime freshness of your vegetables.

Charcoal Removes Toxins From Food.

In the present days, people frequently lament about the application of artificial fertilizers on plants and vegetables, making them unwholesome and unhealthy for consumption; I personally believe they loose their natural taste.

If you have charcoal, and of course I believe most if not all of us have, you need not to be disturbed about this. All you have to quickly do is leave the vegetables in a charcoal solution overnight and boom! That which you call ordinary charcoal will take care of the toxins and you have nothing to fear about any more. 

You probably bought some plates of food in a nearby restaurant and you suspect the food may contain too many chemicals, just a drop of charcoal solution in the food for some hours will do the wonders for you.

Use charcoal For Teeth Whitening

For you that wants to whiten your teeth, pay less or no attention to all these adverts on tooth whitening chemicals and technology. Please, get yourself some pieces or lumps of charcoal grab hold of a plantain stalk. 

Grind the charcoal and make powder out of it, then mash the tip of the plantain stalk and dip it into the charcoal powder you just mad, brush your teeth with it for a week and boom again your teeth become as white as snow. I tell you you don't have to spend too much to have these things. 

Use this free local product to Restore Soup That Went Bad.

Did soup go bad? Sorry you feel bad about it, but you don't Need pouring it all away. Just place it back on on the stove and drop a piece of charcoal in it. This will extract all the bad taste and smell and your soup is restored to its fresh state. Are these things not amazing? 

Neutralizes the effects of Alcohol

Hey! you mistakenly or you deliberately did some wild mixing and and you are having the  feeling that it can knock you out? You still have an option; just add some charcoal to the mixture and you are set to go. The problem is solved completely. Or if you have too much intake of alcohol, just drink some charcoal solution and you are made whole once again.

Healing  Of Wounds

I believe this was mentioned in the introductory part of this article. Let us expand it a bit. Were you involved in a situation where someone’s wound has become so serious that doctors are of the opinion that the affected area be cut off? No much worries over it, get a large amount of charcoal powder and pour it on the affected part. The charcoal will extract all the toxins that is making the wound go worse and makes it heal faster. If you have a cut and you want to treat it fast of course I know you will want to, just get some powdered charcoal and pour on it. Note that it could be painful.

Use charcoal to filter your water

Do you have the  feeling that your water is contaminated? You don’t need to spend money buying all these products on the market when you can do it free with natural charcoal. Charcoal can do better, in fact perfect.  Just drop some amount of it in the water and stair it. Don’t worry about the colour, it is safe and will always be, you can even chew on charcoal. It is far healthier than eating over spiced chicken. Yes! I said so.

The list is endless as there are lots and lots more of it but we have to stop here for now. If you find this article helpful please do let is know in the comment section and share to your friends to read too. If you have something or want us to adjust still let us know because your feedback is our motivation to do more and better. Thank you!